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News I've been sitting on for months has finally been released. Pan Macmillan are to publish my standalone thriller THE SILENT ROOM in November of this year. I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to them and to my agent Oli Munson at AM Heath who was behind this project all the way.

Writing something new was a personal challenge for me. I had an idea for a book that simply wouldn't have worked as a Kate Daniels novel and so I decided to create a whole new set of characters to tell the story. I hope this intrigues and excites you as much as it did me when I was writing it.

As always, thanks for the tremendous amount of support I continue to receive from around the world via email and on social media. You make the hard work worth it.




Publishing Director Wayne Brookes has acquired UK commonwealth rights including Canada to the first standalone thriller from Mari Hannah. Hannah has already received critical acclaim for her series of novels featuring DCI Kate Daniels with TV rights recently sold to Sprout Pictures owned by Gina Carter and Stephen Fry. The Silent Room which features a whole new cast of characters will be published in hardcover in November of this year with a mass market paperback edition to follow in September 2016.

Mari Hannah commented: ‘I’m thrilled that I can finally talk about this standalone. It’s an exciting departure for me, the sixth novel to be published by Pan Macmillan in a relatively short space of time. The buzz around this book shows confidence on all sides. I continue to work hard on my series but I’m immensely proud to have been offered this opportunity. This thriller just flew onto the page.’

Wayne Brookes said: ‘Mari Hannah is an incredibly gifted storyteller and this novel shows exactly how talented she is. The Kate Daniels series is crime-writing at its best, but this new novel shows that she knows exactly what to do with a bigger canvas. The characters are rich in depth and the plotting is flawless. Her current fans will love this book, and it’s sure to bring many more on board.

Oli Munson, Mari’s agent, added: ‘THE SILENT ROOM – as with all of Mari’s novels – has that unputdownable quality which is the hallmark of all great thrillers. I’m delighted that Wayne and the Pan Macmillan team will be publishing and taking Mari to new heights’

 Mari Hannah

Mari Hannah was born in London and moved north as a child. Sponsored by the Home Office, she graduated from Teesside University before becoming a Probation Officer, a career cut short when she was injured while on duty. Thereafter, she spent several years working as a film/television scriptwriter. During that time she created and developed a number of projects, most notably a feature length film and the pilot episode of a crime series for television based on the characters in her book, the latter as part of a BBC drama development scheme. She lives in Northumberland with her partner, an ex-murder detective. In 2010, she won the Northern Writers' Award. She has had five novels published: The Murder Wall (which won the Polari prize), Settled BloodDeadly Deceit, Monument to Murder and Killing for Keeps.

Mari Hannah was on the 2014 shortlist for The CWA Dagger in the Library which honours an author’s whole body of work to date.

For further information please contact Philippa McEwan on 0207 014 6179 or email

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