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A busy week

This week I've been editing the set up for Monument to Murder before moving on to the confrontation and finally the resolution. I know a lot of authors prefer just to bash it all down and then start again at the beginning but that just doesn't work for me. I edit as I go along, each day reading through the previous day's work. Only when I am satisfied do I carry on with the story. That's just how it is.

I took a break on Tuesday to give an interview to Jo Haywood of North East Life magazine for the May edition. One of the questions she asked me was: what you would write if you didn't write crime? Answer: children's books. Then I sped off for my first public engagement . . .

. . . a fun 'gig' at a local nursery school. I chose Stick Man - written by Julia Donaldson and beautifully illustrated by Axel Scheffler - a story that made me cry the first time I read it. It doesn't take much! This time, however, I managed to read it with a smile on my face and the kids were enthralled, though I suspect a few had heard it before.

To end the week, I heard about an event 'Crime in the Court' being hosted by Goldsboro Books in London on 21st June, a chance to mingle with crime fans and fellow crime writers. I already have my ticket so I might just see you there.

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